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17 November 2005 10:15

Up to One

by knann (via)
Type the fraction which when added to the other two fractions brings the total to one whole. Paper and pencil may be needed. Click the refresh button to get a new problem.

17 November 2005 09:30

Math Continuum

by knann
Video tutorials and interactive activities with audio. Strands include: Numbers and Operations, Patterns and Relations, Geometry, Statistics and Probabiity Activities - Adding and subtracting Fractions, Fractions and Equivalent Fractions, Fractions, Multiply & Divide, Percent., Equations, Pattern Puzzles, Area

29 October 2005 12:15

Fraction Track

by knann
The first player starts by moving one or more blue markers along the tracks, either forward or backward, so that the positive and negative distances moved by all markers add to the amount shown in the fraction box.

28 October 2005 09:15

Again and Again: Student

by knann
An investigation involving fractions and decimals. Teacher instruction required first.

26 October 2005 08:00

Award ceremony: Ordering numbers

by knann
The Award Ceremony involves ordering numbers; highest to lowest or lowest to highest. Includes decimals

26 October 2005 07:30

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