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Accessible form builder - Generate XHTML-compliant accessible forms quickly and easily | Accessify

by Spone
Accessify's quick form builder merges two older tools (form builder and form element generator) into one much slicker process. There are three steps: 1. Enter the fields that you want to capture in the form 2. Define what each field type is (text, password, textarea etc) 3. Choose some markup options (HTML, XHTML and so on) Seconds later you have a fully accessible and valid form. There's even some CSS to help you style the form.

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FAQ: Untrusted users and HTML

by Spone
An input form that takes raw HTML. It’s a pretty common thing to see in web apps these days: many comment forms allow HTML, or some subset thereof; many social-network-style applications allow end-users to enter HTML in their profiles; etc.

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