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January 2007

March 2006

AG RVS - The Why-Because Analysis Homepage

by GeorgesMariano
Why-Because Analysis (WBA) is a rigorous technique for causally analysing the behaviour of complex technical and socio-technical systems. Its primary application is in the analysis of accidents, mainly to transportation systems (air, rail and sea). It is

CS611: System Construction Using B

by GeorgesMariano
The aim of the course is to give a solid grounding in the B method using the B-Toolkit, concentrating on formal model building aspects, and giving exposure to the other elements of the theory, enabling students to go on to participate in the rigorous buil

February 2006

Enseignements Méthodes formelles - Attiogbe Christian

by GeorgesMariano
Méthodes et spécifications formelles Intégration de méthodes formelles Cours et documents J-C.Attiogbé - UFR Sciences Nantes

January 2006

The Compcert certified compiler back-end

by GeorgesMariano
The Compcert back-end is a compiler that generates PowerPC assembly code from a low-level intermediate language called Cminor and a slightly more expressive intermediate language called Csharpminor. The particularity of this compiler is that it is written

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