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December 2005

The Form Assembly - Create and Process State-of-the-Art Web Forms

by fredbird & 2 others
Create web forms, host them online, receive responses via email or RSS. A contact form for your website, a rsvp form for your party, a registration form for your event, a customer satisfaction form... See how we take the pain out of creating web forms.

September 2005

StickBlog » Blog Archive » Upload multiple files with a single file element

by fredbird & 26 others
If you have a form where you want to allow a user to upload more than one file, you’re stuck with either adding as many file input elements as the number of files you want to upload, or possibly having new ones appear ‘magically’ through Javascript.

May 2005

Textarea tools

by fredbird & 23 others
Small collection of tools for use with textareas

April 2005

February 2005

XForms for HTML Authors

by fredbird & 2 others
the next genration of web forms

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