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How A Former Google Data Guy Could Change What We Eat For Breakfast | TechCrunch

by sbrothier
Hampton Creek, the plant-based egg startup known for its product “Just Mayo,” launched in Dollar Tree this week and is expanding its operations to a 90k square-footfacility in the heart of San Francisco in the next few months. On top of that, it just lured away Google’s main data guy, Dan Zigmond. The reason? To turn the food industrial complex on its head. Zigmond has tackled complex data problems for the last eight years for both YouTube and Google maps. His new plan is to build the world’s largest plant database at Hampton Creek. This, in turn, may just change what you and I put in our mouths every morning without us even knowing it. But first…


2005 Where do you want to eat?

by kalley & 2 others

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