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February 2008

January 2008

Digitalthread : Web design companies, professional web design pages, web site design firms, graphic design links, fonts & typography, advertising agencies, cool web design links and design resources.

by oqdbpo & 7 others
Web design companies, professional web design pages, web site design firms, graphic design links, fonts & typography, advertising agencies, cool web design links and design resources.

December 2007

November 2007

Les fontes iphone

by sbrothier
L’iPhone Apple est sorti le 29 novembre 2007 en France. Les allumés des caractères n’auront pas raté la comparaison des fontes (merci Daring Fireball) présentes sur iPhone, notamment sur le navigateur Safari iPhone, versus Safari MacOsX. Une autre liste de caractères est disponible ici. L’interface en Helvetica, c’est pas si gênant, même pour les plus anti-caractère par défaut. Même si John D Berry pense le contraire. Le plus étonnant c’est de découvrir que le Lucida Grande n’est pas présent, comme sur MacOs X. De nombreux sites web avaient pris l’habitude de spécifier le Lucida Grande comme fonte par défaut dans leurs CSS, comme le, plus sympa que les éternels Verdana-Trebuchet-Arial. Enfin, ces fontes semblent être au format .ttf et pas .dfont, comme sur MacOs X.

The FontFeed » Contemporary Handwriting Fonts

by sbrothier
The FontShop shelves are stocked with thousands of delightful script typefaces, but it can be difficult to find those that convincingly simulate handwriting without sacrificing legibility. We culled from our collection the best handwriting typefaces in various writing styles — from print to cursive, simple to swashy. Read more about our selected favorites in this week’s newsletter. | Digital type foundry for original typefaces

by ptibat
New interface of the website for this month May 2007. + New font package : "monospaced" + New special offer : font = 4eur

October 2007

Grading the New Font "Features" in OS X Leopard | Typographica

by sbrothier
Apple announced a October 26 release date for Mac OS X Leopard (10.5) today, along with more detailed information on the new system, including over “300 New Features”. Let’s look a little closer at the features in the Fonts category and give them snarky grades based on their potential value.

September 2007

Anivers :: a Free Quality Font from exljbris

by sbrothier
The name Anivers –as you might have guessed– is derived from the word anniversary. Anivers celebrates the anniversary of Smashing Magazine.

Forgers - Cloners - Pirates - Plagiarists

by sbrothier
Forgery, Cloning, Piracy, Plagiarism of Fonts Documentations for Prosecutors and Criminal Courts

August 2007

Apple and Microsoft renew font licensing agreement

by sbrothier & 1 other (via)
From TypeCon2007, a press release congratulates Apple and Microsoft for extending an agreement on cross-licensing fonts.

July 2007

Our Favorite Fonts of 2006 | Typographica

by sbrothier
By my best estimation, at least 1,800 new commercial typefaces were released in 2006 alone. This count does not include freebies, custom and proprietary commissions, or even individual weights. It is a rough tally of the number of new font families released by the major resellers and exclusive foundries last year. If we take this fresh meat and trim the inevitable 90% that is unusable fat, we are still left with hundreds of quality new typefaces, most of which will never get ink from a design magazine or a blurb on a blog. With so much stuff hitting the market, the need for a font filter has never been greater.

Ainsifont - Fonderie digitale pour fontes originales

by sbrothier & 2 others
6 weights / Black Blackout Bold Boldout Normal Light Headline fantasy

June 2007

FONTSELF - A bitmap font & text engine

by sbrothier & 2 others
FONTSELF est un projet typographique sur l'écriture manuelle et dessinée. Il permet de créer des polices de caractères qui conservent l'aspect gestuel de l’écriture et le rendu des outils de dessin (stylo, plume, encre, papier, etc.).

Distinguished Characters: Modern classics

by sbrothier
Living masters of type design are generally prolific. As a result, this newsletter is a bit longer than usual.

May 2007

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