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Qui a la plus grosse quéquette sur Twitter ?

by nhoizey
"Rien de nouveau sur Internet. Les geeks s’amusent. Certains en font un business pour allumer les gogos. C’est la vie."

Des followers sur Facebook ?

by srcmax
Pourrez vous bientôt pouvoir disposer de fans, et non seulement d’amis, sur Facebook ? Il semblerait que cela soit bientôt le cas


Twitter Friend Adder Firefox Plugin

by springnet
You will then need to login to your account find the persons friends you would like to communicate with right click on there profile and there should be an option stating “Grab this Users Friends” hit that and the plugin should start working.

Twapper Groups

by springnet
create your own twitter groups using twitter names and the plus sign

5 Ways to Find More Friends on Twitter - ReadWriteWeb

by springnet & 32 others
five web apps that can help you locate some of the best people for you to follow on Twitter.



by springnet
A New York Times article mentions me. One of the best-loved twitterers, Paul Terry Walhus, a gray-haired blogger from Austin, Tex., has 9,177 friends and 1,851 followers, according to the tracking site Twitterholic.

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