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June 2007

December 2006


by jlesage & 20 others
another social bookmarking site to find books to read like the ones you know, in genres you prefer, enjoyed by other readers with your tastes; it's one of the fun features of, now with whole sites for the purpose

November 2006

What Should I Read Next?

by jlesage & 9 others
Like many web2.0 search sites, you tell it what you like and it builds a profile of your preferences. Film and entertainment addition in development.

Choose the Best Search for Your Information Need

by jlesage & 9 others
how to refine a topic and its searches; updated for web 2.0 and specialty searching; good for anyone starting to do Internet research on a topic and will take you to some previously unused search tools

TeacherSource | . Tag - You're Delicious! | PBS

by jlesage
may 06 discussion of how delicious works; useful overview and collection of comments. PBS teachersouce is also worth visiting from time to time

LibraryThing | Catalog your books online

by jlesage & 57 others
You sign up, enter the name of a book, then find out what other folks who liked that book also liked; a tag cloud for the book leads to other books on this topic. Quite addictive, and I just used it to look at the info. around one book.

September 2006

July 2006

June 2006

Powerhouse Museum Collection

by jackiege & 2 others
via ehub A web2.0-inspired front end to a large and diverse collection of 62,000 object records (everything from steam engines to ceramics, robot dogs to ancient artefacts) using in-house technology that makes object recommendations. Visitors can also tag collection objects for themselves and other users.

Powerhouse Museum Collection

by ycc2106
Social search + tag gadgaets and hous supplies. This folksonomy is being tested to learn how the general public and museum users might help classify objects for each other - without the rigid structures of traditional museological taxonomies.

May 2006

by bfd
save some keywords, and a few times a day it will produce a link mashup of blogs whose latest posts have that keyword

April 2006

February 2006

by fleuree & 11 others
Google start page featuring a tag cloud consisting of recent/popular Google searches.

January 2006

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