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February 2006

Folksonomies: Tidying up Tags?

by bcpbcp & 9 others (via)
1. Introduction A folksonomy is a type of distributed classification system. It is usually created by a group of individuals, typically the resource users. Users add tags to online items, such as images, videos, bookmarks and text. These tags are then shared and sometimes refined. A general review of social bookmarking tools, one popular use area of folksonomies, was given in the April edition of D-Lib [1]. In the article the authors elaborate on the approach taken by social classification systems and the motivators behind tagging. They write, "...tags are just one kind of metadata and are not a replacement for formal classification systems such as Dublin Core, MODS, etc.... Rather, they are a supplemental means to organise information and order search results."

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October 2005

Ning | Home: Front Page

by bcpbcp & 100 others, 1 comment
Ning is a free online service (or, as we like to call it, a Playground) for building and using social applications.Social apps are web applications that enable anyone to match, transact, and communicate with other people.

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January 2005

Writing a Social Content Engine with RDF

by ramage & 1 other
publish, categorize, and pivot, Rinse, and repeat....

Many-to-Many: Social sharing service tutorial from corante

by ramage
“implicit social discovery”, the pattern behind, Flikr, and Webjay

Books We Like

by ramage
the people's republic of books: online shopping to effect change

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