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Flickr Schedulr

by nhoizey
"Flickr Schedulr is a Windows desktop application that automatically uploads pictures to Flickr based on a schedule (e.g. to post a new picture every day at a certain time). It allows you to create a queue of pictures to be uploaded, along with their titles, descriptions, tags, and the photoset into which they should end up."



Using RMagick with Flickr

by jpcaruana
This tutorial will show some of the basic features of the rflickr library, including: 1. authorizing your application with Flickr 2. getting a list of image urls from one of your own photo sets. 3. getting a list of image urls returned from a search of other peoples photo sets.



XSL Flickr

by philippej & 4 others
" XSL interface to the Flickr Services API".

Flickr Services

by Krome & 15 others (via)
Flickr API Documentation - The Flickr API is now available for non-commercial use by outside developers.

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