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These Pretty City Maps Were Drawn By Our Paths Through Them | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

by sbrothier
It’s no secret that tourists love to snap pictures on the Staten Island ferry. Or that photographers will wander the side streets of east London capturing the latest street art. Everyone knows that Paris’s visitor-friendly arrondissements are flooded with selfie sticks on weekends. Now, a new visualization of more than a decade of Flickr photographs shows exactly what paths photographers make when taking pictures.


Un reportage cartographié en direct - Samsa | nouveaux médias | Samsa | nouveaux médias

by sbrothier
La BBC vient de se livrer à un exercice inédit de reportage en direct avec des journalistes et des amateurs dont les résultats se sont affichés en direct sur une carte interactive. Ce n’est pas très clair, alors reprenons. Les médaillés « héros » britanniques des Jeux olympiques et paralympiques défilent jeudi dernier dans les rues de Londres. Deux journalistes de la BBC sont présents sur le parcours et ils envoient des mini-reportages (140 caractère maximum) en temps réél avec leur téléphone portable via Twitter. Ils peuvent également envoyer des photos. Le tout s’affiche sur la carte.


Thousand of APIs Paint a Bright Future for the Web | Webmonkey |

by oseres
Once a novel idea that seemed limited to Flickr, the web-based API is now everywhere you turn — Twitter, Foursquare, Google Maps and thousands of other sites offer up their data in the form of an API. APIs mean that third-party developers can build their own tools and mashups, which in turn helps to fuel the popularity of the web service. It’s hard to imagine where sites like Flickr and Twitter would be today without APIs. In fact, these days some web services don’t even bother launching websites to go with their APIs — the API is the service. The SimpleGeo API, for example, doesn’t really have a corresponding website, it’s just an API that can be used anywhere, including inside mobile apps.




by philippej (via)
Paris délimité par les utilisateurs de Flickr. Forcément un peu différent de la réalité ;)


Flickr: A Place of Our Own

by philippej (via)
GeoRSS, unique place ID, random places, kml...

flickrvision (beta)

by irols & 19 others
Des images qui apparaissent sur google maps au fur et à mesure qu'elles sont téléchargées sur flickr... hypnotique

geotagged - Nicolas Hoizey's Tagged Photos - Google Maps

by nhoizey
Mes dernières photos sur Google Maps en 10 secondes grâces aux flux GeoRSS de Flickr !

GPS Visualizer

by nhoizey & 9 others
GPS Visualizer is a free, easy-to-use online utility that creates maps and profiles from GPS data (tracks and waypoints), street addresses, or simple coordinates.

geotagged - Nicolas Hoizey's Tagged Photos - Google Maps

by nhoizey
Mes dernières photos sur Google Maps en 10 secondes grâces aux flux GeoRSS de Flickr ! - Explore your world through everyone's eyes

by ycc2106 & 2 others
Explore or add photos on a google map. Address search is provided by Google and Photos are shared via Flickr and satellite imagery via Google Maps. Programming frameworks are based on Helma and Prototype.

Jotle (beta)

by philippej (via)
« Google Maps + Wikimapia + Placeopedia + Flickr + YouTube = Jotle ! »


Flickr + Google Earth

by ycc2106 & 1 other
View Flickr photos in Google Earth.

by maport & 1 other
See photos from any worldwide location. Photos taken from Flickr and display on Google Maps.


by ycc2106 & 13 others
Magazine Covermake magazine covers from your flickr photos. Mappr an interactive environment for exploring place, based on the photos people take. Matchra flickr puzzle game Mobupa ...

We Map Flickr

by ycc2106
Google maps with Flickr

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