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Thousand of APIs Paint a Bright Future for the Web | Webmonkey |

by oseres
Once a novel idea that seemed limited to Flickr, the web-based API is now everywhere you turn — Twitter, Foursquare, Google Maps and thousands of other sites offer up their data in the form of an API. APIs mean that third-party developers can build their own tools and mashups, which in turn helps to fuel the popularity of the web service. It’s hard to imagine where sites like Flickr and Twitter would be today without APIs. In fact, these days some web services don’t even bother launching websites to go with their APIs — the API is the service. The SimpleGeo API, for example, doesn’t really have a corresponding website, it’s just an API that can be used anywhere, including inside mobile apps.


jquery-flickr - Project Hosting on Google Code

by Krome

jQuery Flickr plug-in is a JavaScript interface for Flickr Services API written on top of the jQuery library.

Flickr sur Twitter « Flickr Blog

by kemar
RT @diskette: Twitter sur Flickr , bloguez et twittez vos photos directement depuis votre compte flickr >> ! :-) [from]


La Madine - a set on Flickr

by kemar
Les photos de mon pique-nique au lac de la Madine [from]

Prague - a set on Flickr

by kemar
Les photos du week-end à Prague [from]

by kemar
Sympa l'ambiance du seesmeetup à Paris [from]

mixin - départ en vacancesJuly 11, 2008 Original time GMT+02: July 12, 2008 @saint-jean-de-monts

by kemar
départ en vacances L:saint-jean-de-monts demain [from]

Raul Paz en concert à Metz - a set on Flickr

by kemar
Les photos du concert de Raul Paz ce week-end à Metz [from]

Manu Dibango en concert au festival Jazzpote - a set on Flickr

by kemar
Les photos du concert de Manu Dibango à Thionville ce week-end [from]

Le Web au ralenti durant l'investiture d'Obama, pas Twitter

by nhoizey
Incroyable, tout le monde à arrêté d'envoyer des photos sur Flickr, d'écouter et de faire des requêtes sur Google, mais c'est empresser de commenter l'investiture en direct sur Twitter.


LIFE photo archive hosted by Google

by jpcaruana & 15 others
LIFE photo archive hosted by Google

PanImages : Cross-Lingual Image Search

by ycc2106 & 5 others
Search Google Images and Flickr in 100's of languages using automatic query translation.


Ecrans - Le Web 2.0 apprend le français

by srcmax
Les géants du web 2.0 se rendraient-ils compte que l’Europe existe ? A quelques jours d’intervalle, Yahoo et Google vont lancer des versions localisées de deux de leurs services phares : le système d’hébergement photo Flickr pour Yahoo, et le site de vidéos Youtube pour son concurrent Google.


by philippej & 1 other (via)
« ... a kind of plugin to picasa that allows users to upload their photos to flickr. »

Most interesting geotagged flickr images - Google Maps

by nhoizey
Les photos les plus intéressantes de Flickr positionnées sur les cartes Google Maps grâce à Yahoo!Pipes

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