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by mozkart
Enter the URL of a flickr image and we'll redirect you to its photos page. Why? I often see photos on forums/blogs that don't link back to the photographers flickr page. This makes me sad. Especially when I'd like to be able to favourite these photos or find out more about their photographer. I couldn't find a tool to help me out, so I built my own. Bookmarklet? Drag the following link to your bookmarks toolbar: ?flickfindr Clicking this on a page with multiple images (like a forum) will create/fix links for all incorrectly linked flickr images. Clicking it while viewing a flickr image will redirect you to it's page.




Vimeo - Automatic Movies

by rjjjsp & 55 others
Welcome to Vimeo! This is a site for organizing and sharing your video clips. Vimeo also makes it easy to watch your friends' video clips, or to view clips that have common subject matter.

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