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Faire un photoblog avec flickr |

by simon_bricolo
rapide totu pour intégrer Flickr à WOrdpress pour en faire un photoblog


'Tagging' gives Web a human meaning | CNET

by bcpbcp
If you've been to a technology event recently, especially one with a high concentration of digerati, you may have seen someone stand up and tell everyone what the event's Flickr tag is.


Comparing The Flickrs of Video |

by simon_bricolo & 6 others
comparaison de différents site d'hébergements de vidéos

Spreading the Flickr Wealth

by arnet
I’m quite sure that if Flickr were to find a way to compensate those users whose photos are deemed most interesting by their peers...

Un mapa de las relaciones en Flickr

by hectormilla
cartografía de una red social. De GustavoG

I'll show you mine...

by François Hodierne (via)
Phil Gyford wrote an article about Flickr for the BBC News Magazine

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