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November 2005

Ciao firefox

by fredbird
Attention, demi-troll ! Non, je n'ai pas désinstallé firefox, contrairement à Suzie. Et je n'ai pas l'intention de le faire, du moins dans l'immédiat. Et je continuerai vraisemblablement à l'utiliser quotidiennement.

September 2005

Phil Dawes’ Stuff » Blog Archive » How to disambiguate tag senses!

by fredbird (via)
Had some conversations about tag disambiguation with people at work and in the pub yesterday (that’s right folks - I’m lots of fun to go drinking with). Stu reminded me that in the tagging folksonomy world, people are able to choose meaning by social convention - i.e. they see which tags people are using for what sort of things, and then choose an appropriate one for their needs (maybe to get the biggest audience).

July 2005

Tags, keywords, and inconsistency

by fredbird
Here's an interesting fact upon which I'll base the rest of my argument: people are horribly inconsistent when assigning keywords to documents. If you give two people the same document and ask them to assign a set of keywords to describe it, then the sets of keywords that they assign will agree only about 20% of the time. This was one of the problems that lead to the development of full text indexing systems. If we couldn't choose a few keywords from a document, we would use every word in the document as a keyword!

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