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Fighting the @font-face FOUT « Paul Irish

by Spone & 4 others
FOUT is what I'm calling the flash of unstyled text that you get while using @font-face in Firefox and Opera.


CSS Advanced Selectors - Flex SDK - Confluence

by neolao
SS Advanced Selectors - Functional and Design Specification


htmlwrapper - Google Code

by camel & 2 others (via)
Wrapper is a cross-browser compliant HTML/CSS rendering engine written in ActionScript that sits on top of your standards compliant HTML page. Wrapper eliminates cross-browser issues and makes integrating ActionScript and HTML/CSS projects possible without needing to compile. Wrappers strives to answer the most common problems web designers face without forcing them to learn too many new things. Most web sites can be created in HTML or CSS, then when you need to extend Wrapper's capabilities you can either use JSON to call functions within ActionScript or you can load compiled plug-ins. Wrapper also has built in methods within CSS to load custom fonts, display elements as any shape, and fill them with linear or radial gradient background colors. ActionScript's event model is also implemented within Wrapper's HTML. Wrapper's best features are the ones that you get for free because of how it is set up. It's like getting all the great features of the Flash Player without needing to deal with compiling and being able to create your content the same way any HTML page would be created. Wrapper is fully accessible to the search engines and integrates well with any back-end technology. Wrapper is currently released as a fully functional open source beta for Flash Player 9. Wrapper is set up as a pre-compiled plug-in but can easily be integrated into any Flex or AIR applications or even as an ActionScript framework for creation of compiled projects.

Facebook Developers | Resources

by catalonestudio & 1 other
Facebook has been developed from the ground up using open source software, and we are proud to give back to the open source community through various open source projects.

sIFR Tutorial: Use Your Own Fonts

by sbrothier
Even though sIFR has been around for a couple years, many web designers have still never heard of it, let alone use it. sIFR (or Scalable Inman Flash Replacement) allows you to use custom typography on your site by utilizing JavaScript, Flash, and CSS. While most people simply create images when they need a custom-type title, sIFR can dynamically create short text blocks using whatever font you want (while still rendering the text with a default font on non-Flash browsers).

Shadowbox.js Media Viewer

by nhoizey & 6 others
Shadowbox is a cross-browser, cross-platform, cleanly-coded and fully-documented media viewer application written entirely in JavaScript.

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