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dutchcelt/Keep-in-View - GitHub

by Spone (via)
Don't allow elements to scroll out of view by having them stick to the top or bottom of a window.


Implementing a Fixed Position iOS Web Application

by marco & 1 other
In a desktop web application, this would be a simple feat because desktop browsers support position: fixed. In mobile Safari, setting an element to position: fixed does not fix the element relative to the viewport. To achieve fixed elements, we need to override native scrolling and implement our own custom scrolling for the content that we want to be scrollable.


Fixed vs. Fluid vs. Elastic Layout: What's The Right One For You? | How-To | Smashing Magazine

by claire_ & 1 other
The problem has boggled the minds of Web designers for years: fixed, fluid, elastic or a hybrid layout design? Each option has its benefits and disadvantages. But the final decision depends so much on usability that it is not one to be made lightly. So, with all the confusion, is there a right decision? By considering a few factors and properly setting up the final design, you can end up with a successful layout design that reaps all the benefits.


Fixing position:fixed for Windows Internet Explorer

by Spone & 12 others
Internet Explorer 7 applies its numerous CSS changes – including support for fixed positioning – only in ‘standards-compliant mode’. Both methods described below should still be ‘safe’ to use (albeit for different reasons). More info about new possibilities and consequences in terms of doctype-sniffing will be added soon.


» CSS Case Study - fixed elements - Web Design - Blog

by hobbes
One of the “special” effect abilities of CSS is the ability to have an element be “fixed” on the page (when you scroll, the element remains stationary) either through positioning or by fixing a background.


'position:fixed' in Internet Explorer

by camel & 2 others (via)
Mise en page avec élément fixe sous IE.

Variable fixed width layout | clagnut/blog

by fastclemmy
There’s an different approach to web page layout which is gradually getting some traction. The idea is that the layout is changed to best accommodate the window size. As you might expect, it is accomplished by using JavaScript to change the CSS of the webpage. Here are some examples:

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