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31 August 2005 05:30

boardgaming + dgs visit + lkj's email

by ryanne
[tuesday, 31 may 2005] yesterday: almost ten hours non-stop boardgaming with kirk, kris, kitty, ava and yorkie...XDDD....from ticket to ride europe 2005 to carcassonne to bohnanza to san juan...jung yau contract bridge......haha so bin visi


by ryanne
[wednesday, 01 june 2005] tiring faces after the first day...

31 August 2005 04:45

internship ends

by ryanne
[thursday, 30 june 2005] internship has finally came to an end...what i miss most will be the many moments of laughter we shared, all safely recorded in my 53 pages of offline diary :) the memory of june 2005 shall forever become a part of me. looking for

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