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Télécharger Online Armor Personal Firewall (gratuit)

by cascamorto
Online Armor est un excellent firewall. Simple et léger. La seconde protection IDS est un atout de taille ! Les paramètres sont nombreux est compréhensibles malgré l'anglais... Uniquement en anglais - pour l'instant - mais complet et entièrement gratuit. UN TRÈS BON OUTIL DE PROTECTION ! Un test de performances très intéressant se trouve ici (en anglais) : Lire tout le test Tutoriel sur - CLIQUER ICI


Results and comments -

by cascamorto
Firewalls' ratings : Interpretation of results Outpost Firewall Pro 2009 6.5.2355.316.0597 leads the challenge with 99%, tightly followed by the paid version of Online Armor Personal Firewall with 98% and the best free product – Comodo Firewall Pro with 95%. ProSecurity 1.43, which will be replaced by Real-time Defender in the future, is on the third place with 93%. All these products reached the Excellent protection level. Online Armor Personal Firewall Free and Kaspersky Internet Security are close to the excellent results.



Winpooch : Windows watchdog helps to detect spywares and trojans - opensource - anti spyware and trojan

by adriel.ephraim & 5 others
Winpooch is a Windows watchdog. It watches modifications in directories and in the registry so as to detect spywares and trojans as soon as they are installed. It's a good complement to a free anti-virus.

iSafer - Winsock Firewall

by adriel.ephraim & 2 others
This is a Firewall which runs in socket layer - Winsock firewall is a filter which checks all the network packages against the specific rule set.



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