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Developer Edition - Mozilla | MDN

by 84GHz
A version of Firefox that's tailored for web developers. Firefox Developer Edition replaces the Aurora channel in the Firefox Release Process. Like Aurora, features will land in the Developer Edition every six weeks, after they have stabilized in Nightly builds. By using the Developer Edition, you gain access to tools and platform features at least 12 weeks before they reach the main Firefox release channel. Find out what's new in the Developer Edition. Experimental developer tools We'll include experimental tools that aren't yet ready to ride the trains to release. For example, the Developer Edition includes the Valence add-on, which enables you to connect the Firefox developer tools to other browsers such as Chrome on Android and Safari on iOS. A separate profile Firefox Developer Edition uses a separate profile from other Firefox versions installed on your machine. This means you can easily run the Developer Edition alongside your release or Beta version of Firefox. Set up for web developers We've set default preference values tailored for web developers. For example, chrome and remote debugging are enabled by default. A distinct theme This includes quicker access to the developer tools.



Awesome Screenshot - Capture, Annotate and Share

by gregg & 3 others
Capture the whole page or any portion, annotate it with rectangles, circles, arrows, lines and text, one-click upload to share.


Xmarks Sync va fermer

by nhoizey
J'utilise Xmarks Sync pour synchroniser mes favoris sur plusieurs machines, et les navigateurs Firefox, Safari et Chromium, sa disparition va m'obliger à trouver une alternative.

The modern browser wars: How well Firefox, IE and Chrome succeed in getting their users to upgrade | Royal Pingdom

by kasi77
approche très intéressante sur les différentes approches des mises à jours chez les grands acteurs du marché.

Greasemetal - an Userscript Runtime for Google Chrome

by nhoizey
Greasemetal is a userscript runtime for Google Chrome. The runtime hosts userscripts (tiny javascript files that modify the webpages being displayed) to be executed on Google Chrome, similar to what Greasemonkey does for Mozilla Firefox, or Greasekit does for Safari.


Run IE8/IE7/IE6, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera from the web

by ycc2106
In my opinion, Xenocode Browsers is the ultimat tool for checking your website in different browsers. Xenocode Browsers allow you to lauch IE6, IE7, IE8, Firefox 2, Firefox 3, Google Chrome and Opera directly from the web. The only weak point: The service isn't available for Macs and GNU/Linux powered PCs.

Synchroniser vos bookmarks et mots de passe sur plusieurs ordinateurs et sur serveur

by Giraultises & 5 others (via)
Xmarks est un add-in pour Firefox, IE et Safari qui vous permettra de synchroniser vos bookmarks et vos mots de passe entre vos ordinateurs. Vous pourrez aussi synchroniser ces derniers sur votre propre serveur.

Tester son site sous IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome et Opera

by astrochoupe
Tour d'horizon de quelques outils permettant de mettre à l'épreuve les capacités d'affichage d'un site Web sur les principaux navigateurs.

Inquisitor. Instant web search for Firefox.

by gregg & 2 others
Inquisitor... speeds up your searches like no other. Start typing and websites appear instantly, along with suggestions to help refine your search. Inquisitor understands you, learning and tailoring your results as you search. You can also add more search engines with customized keyboard shortcuts. Inquisitor is fast, smart, flexible... and free!

Run IE8/7/6, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera from the web

by srcmax & 7 others, 2 comments (via)
Click the Xenocode WebApp to launch directly from the web. WebApps require no setup and run in isolated virtual environments.

Die IE6, die!

by nhoizey
Quand un « évangéliste » de Microsoft en vient à préférer publiquement Firefox ou Safari à IE6, on se dit qu'on va peut-être enfin réussir...

XiTi Monitor - Article

by nhoizey
The graph below presents the average market share achieved by the various browsers in Europe, for visits during the week of September 22 to 28, 2008


Algorithm Ink | Aza Raskin

by Xavier Lacot
Algorithm Ink is a port and extension of Context Free by Aza Raskin. The original grammar was originally conceived of by Chris Coyne. Algorithm Ink uses open-web, standards-based tools: no plugins required. You can even right-click to save the drawings. The caveat is that Firefox 3, and Opera 9.5 are the only browsers to fully support Canvas, so it may run slower on Safari, and not at all in Internet Explorer.

With Browsershot it takes a click to test your web design in different browsers | Kabatology ~ Open Source, Linux

by parmentierf
rowsershots is a web application that offers the fastest way to check your web design in different browsers – it does so in less than 10 minutes and eliminates the need to jump from one operating system to the other. This web application takes thumbnails of webpages on the Linux, BSD, Windows and Mac platforms and deploys over 50 different browser including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Konqueror, Opera, Navigator, Safari – and many other unknown browsers.

速度で選ぶ次世代ブラウザー IE 8だけじゃない

by kuroyagi

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