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What can I do for Mozilla ? - Le blog de Genma

by NiMe
Ça vous dirait de filer un coup de main à la fondation Mozilla ?


Mozilla to Ship TLS 1.3 in Firefox 52

by alamat (via)
Mozilla plans to implement the next version of the TLS specification in an upcoming release of its Mozilla browser. TLS 1.3 will be shipped in Firefox 52, which is scheduled for release in March 2017.


Tracking Protection on Firefox | Firefox Help

by srcmax & 1 other (via)
Tracking Protection allows you to take control of your privacy online. While Firefox has a Do Not Track feature that tells websites not to monitor your behavior, companies are not required to honor it. Firefox's Tracking Protection feature puts the control back in your hands by actively blocking domains and sites that are known to track users.


Update on Metro | Future Releases

by François Hodierne
Looks like "Update on X" now actually means "We're killing X"


Mozilla reconsidère l'adoption du format WebP

by dzc & 1 other
Initialement boudé par la fondation Mozilla, le nouveau format d'image libre WebP dévoilé par Google en 2010 pourrait faire son apparition au sein de Firefox.

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