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הארץ: יש תחליף לאקספלורר

by tomerc
אוסף כתבות בעיתון "הארץ" על מוזילה, פיירפוקס, גיקו, ודפדפנים אחרים שמתחרים בדפדפן מבית מייקרוסופט


How to write Firefox extensions

by jinjiru & 12 others
Everyone has a good idea at one time or another to implement a new feature in a web browser. Well, with the goodness that is Mozilla Firefox, now you can do just that. You need to have a vague understanding of XUL and Javascript, but you certainly don't


by jabancroft
Countdown to 1,000,000 Downloads of Firefox in 10 days



by astorg & 6 others
butineur expérimental permettant d`intégrer Flickr et Wordpress


Extend Firefox

by HandySolo & 9 others
Extend Firefox Contest<br /> <br /> We are happy to announce the winners in our Extend Firefox Contest! Many thanks to everyone who entered and everyone who helped spread the word about the contest.