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Alex's blog: DOM Inspector as accessibility tool

by Monique

When you need to understand why your web page or your ARIA widget has accessibility issues then it's quite handy to inspect both DOM and accessible trees and what's most important to see *relation* between elements of these trees. That's what DOMi gives you.



WebAIM: Evaluating Web Sites for Accessibility with the Firefox Web Developer Toolbar

by Monique
Based on some of the WCAG 1.0 checkpoints, this article aims to provide a quick outline of how Mozilla Firefox and the Web Developer Toolbar can help with these manual checks.


About Fire Vox

by Monique & 2 others
Fire Vox is an open source, freely available talking browser extension for the Firefox web browser. Think of it as a screen reader that is designed especially for Firefox.

mindforks: Keyboard control of html5 video elements

by Monique
"HTML 5 introduces the video and audio media elements. Playback is manipulated by the user with browser supplied controls (indicated via the controls attribute), or with author supplied controls. In the case of browser supplied controls the current Firefox implementation is described here, and an idea for potentially improved keyboard support is suggested."


by Xavier Lacot
A firefox extension targeted at improving the accessibility of the websites. It includes a captcha reader, high contrast page viewing, link and focus highlighting, etc.


Colour Contrast Analyser :: Firefox Add-ons

by julie (via)

A colour contrast analyser that examines the foreground and background colours of text nodes, and provides a report to see if they are correct according to AERT and WCAG's luminosity colour contrast algorithm.

ARIA: Accessible Rich Internet Applications - MDC

by nhoizey & 1 other
ARIA, formerly known as DHTML accessibility, is a standard being developed at W3C - World Wide Web Consortium

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