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Google Chrome Extensions: Firebug Lite

by Xavier Lacot & 2 others
Firebug Lite easily integrated into Chrome. Even if I am not a fan of Chrome, because of the omnipotence of Google, I find this tool very useful as a debug facility.


Jiffy Firefox Extension - Documentation

by piouPiouM & 3 others
The Jiffy Firefox Extension adds an additional panel to Firebug that provides a visual view of the Javascript time measurements captured by Jiffy-Web.


symfony | Web PHP Framework | Plugins | firesymfonyPlugin | 1.0.2

by Xavier Lacot
This plugin extends the web debug toolbar to send the debug information as a JSON object to the FireSymfony Firebug extension.

sfFirePHP plugin

by Xavier Lacot & 1 other
FirePHP enables you to print to your Firebug Console using a simple PHP function call. What makes FirePHP different? All data is sent via a set of X-FirePHP-Data response headers. This means that the debugging data will not interfere with the content on your page. Thus FirePHP is ideally suited for AJAX development.


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