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Searching for Ingo

by fraktalisman
Nothing is secret anymore, but truth can be ambiguous and information overload will result.


Identifont - Identify fonts by appearance, find fonts by name

by ycc2106 & 20 others
Identify a font by appearance Identify a font by answering a series of simple questions about its appearance. You may find it helpful to use a magnifying glass or hand lens if the text size is small. Restricted set of letters If you have a restricted set of letters, such as in a logo or heading, enter them below. You will then only be asked questions that can be answered from the letters you specified:



The Top 100 Alternative Search Engines

by Mal Burns & 5 others (via)
Google is king - we all know that! But sometimes it isn't quite what you want for the job. This piece lists the best alternatives and includes a review of many of them. Useful.

People Search global

by csouthall
Unique international free people-search services.


Torrent Finder - torrent search engine

by walidaly
Torrent Finder is a BitTorrent Search Engine which has gathered almost all the well known search engines into one page with a very easy form, where users can access those sites through ‘firefox like’ tabs or small frames on one page With Torrent Finder you can choose which popular search engines to include in the search, and even submit your favourite search to be added to the collection.Torrent Finder is considered as a good place for finding the fastest and best seeded torrents, besides the ability to compare between results and searches in a snap.

Byblos - Antiquarian

by byblos
Sellers of Rare, Antiquarian, Manuscripts, Fine, Second Hand, Out-of-Print, Used and First Edition books. Specialising in Children's, Illustrated, History and Literature with many General Subjects in Stock.

Byblos Antiquarian & Rare Books

by byblos
Sellers of Rare, Antiquarian, Manuscripts, Fine, Second Hand, Out-of-Print, Used and First Edition books. Specialising in Children's, Illustrated, History and Literature with many General Subjects in Stock.

TroyGeek - Searching for Files in UNIX and Linux

by jambe
Nice simple tutorial on using the unix find. Which i can never remember how to use anyway...

RePrint Articles

by arpecop
Those who truly understand how to build value their online properties always turn to high quality content to develop their keywords and their PageRank score. There is a group of writers, who wish to assist othersthe development of their website traffic and their ezine subscriber base, by providing contentthe form of free-reprint articles. The members of this webring are the providers of the free-reprint content that can be used on websites andezines.

Feed of MSN Search's TOP 10 Catalog pages by topic

by access2
MSN Search makes results available as feeds, which makes it easy to aggregate related "topic" pages from our bookstore, regardless of their postion in Amazon's hierarchy. Makes browsing faster and searching smarter. (BETA)

Fast, Focussed, Friendly Amazon Category Searches from The Whole Ed Mall

by access2
Our Amazon associate bookstore makes it easy to fined the books you really want without "drilling down" through Amazon's convoluted browse categories. Go staright to the topic you're interested in and browse or search from there, Useful and user-friendly. Recommended.

Things you don't want Google to find - Silicon Valley Sleuth

by zboog & 5 others
"Hacking Google" isn't exactly new. That is, using the search engine to look for confidential information. But as McAfee's senior vice president for Risk Management George Kurtz demonstrated today at RSA conference, that didn't prevent users and organisat



metaportal meta-re-search

by flubba
Hier kann man einen Recherscheauftrag stellen

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