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Database versus files for Images at Spindrop

by Xavier Lacot
Dave gives his feedback on a long-debated developement topic : storing files in database or on the filesystem. "I had been serving images via the database. Immediately when I switched to the filesystem I saw a huge benefit. Not just a drop in database connections, but overall “zippiness” in the site. We’ll see how well this performs in the real world, but I am quite sure that I learned my lesson." All this makes sense : files are not data, they are just files. A filesystem is designed for hosting files. A database is designed for hosting data. Don't mess things.


Apache Synapse 1.1 -

by camel
Apache Synapse offers a wide range of connectivity, including HTTP/S, JMS, (S)FTP, SOAP, WS-ReliableMessaging and WS-Security. The project has been designed to allow administrators to support advanced functionality such as load-balancing, throttling, and failover without writing code. The new Apache Synapse 1.1 release includes many enhancements based on feedback from users, including * Apache VFS based file transport - supports File System, FTP, SFTP, JAR, ZIP, TAR, GZIP, Mime * Scheduled Task support makes it simple to run repetitive tasks * XQuery mediator - simplifies XML transformation with the XQuery standard * POJO Command mediator - allows the creation of message-independent mediation logic * DB Report and DB Lookup mediators - support message augmentation and database logging * Cache and Throttle mediators/enhancements - improve performance and manage load on existing services * Split/Clone/Aggregate mediators - support batch processing of large messages * Improved logging and tracing support With asynchronous support for HTTP and HTTPS, Apache Synapse has very high scalability under load, supporting thousands of concurrent connections even with limited threads. Combined with streaming XML support, Apache Synapse has class-leading performance results. The Apache Synapse code and binaries are available from the website at



FileHelpers Library 1.6.0 - Marcos Meli

by HandySolo & 2 others
The FileHelpers are an easy to use library to import/export data from fixed length or delimited records in files, strings or streams.

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