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June 2007

KoffeePhoto - photo sharing

by cyberien & 1 other (via)
KoffeePhoto - Free photo sharing software Organize your photos, share your albums on the web and store them without limits! KoffeePhoto photo sharingKoffeePhoto is free software that helps you organize your photo albums and share them with your friends. KoffeePhoto offers a free Web Space allowing you to browse and share your pictures wherever you are! You can also set-up outstanding full-screen slideshows including background music ready to be streamed to your friends. Your friends can add comments turning your albums into community spaces. KoffeePhoto stores all your original pictures on its secure and private peer-to-peer storage network, providing access to the photos in their native resolution anytime and anywhere. KoffeePhoto runs on Windows XP/Vista, Mac OS X and Linux.

January 2007

Tubes - The private, secure way to share any file with any friend!

by cyberien (via)
Tubes™ is the fastest and easiest way to share anything with anyone, anywhere. Simply Create, Invite and Share! Tubes is a revolutionary PC+web application designed to let you create instant personal sharing networks of friends, family, classmates, colleagues, or your own devices. Tubes lets you instantly share photos, music, video and documents with everyone you know and have them share their stuff with you through the same tube. With online backup and automatic syncing capabilities, Tubes is an effortless way to share, access and experience digital content across all your devices with all your communities. Tubes combines the speed of instant messaging (I.M) with the convenience of mobile and the reach of email. Key Benefits Simple Tubes enables instant digital content sharing – all you need is your friend’s email address. Just drag and drop your files and they are instantly replicated for everyone you invite – it’s that simple. No more emailing or uploading large files. Shared content is pushed to you automatically without you taking any action and everything shared is always available on everyone’s computers, even when there isn’t an Internet connection. Smart Tubes offers transparent real-time synchronization. Update your tube offline, and once re-connected to the Internet, your community will instantaneously have access to your tube’s content. And anything you put into a tube - or they, if you allow it - is intelligently replicated across to the network to every person and every device invited. Savvy Tubes provides people with a safe, secure online environment and a customizable permission-based platform. Invite who you wish, share only what you choose. In addition to being a secure sharing platform, Tubes provides an automatic back-up of all shared files – so you can easily retrieve all your shared files from another PC.

December 2006

FilmLoop: Create photo slideshows, Share, View

by cyberien & 5 others
What is FilmLoop? FilmLoop is a photocasting platform for entertaining and telling stories. Since FilmLoop's launch to the world in late 2005, almost two million people have downloaded and installed FilmLoop. We've been really impressed by the creativity and variety of the world's Loop makers. So much so, that we've built this site to show off those Loops, and encourage FilmLoopers to show the world their talent.

Slide - slideshows, MySpace codes, image hosting, photo sharing

by cyberien & 33 others, 1 comment
Upload images to Slide and use them on your page, MySpace, Xanga or blog!

Free Image and Video Hosting - Photo Image Hosting Site :

by cyberien & 45 others (via)
Photobucket provides free video and photo sharing. Easily host and link your images and videos to social networks, auction sites, blogs, and message boards. Photobucket is reliable and very easy to use. Give it a try!

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