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01 January 1970 01:00

Katarina Witt 1994 Olympics Long Program

by tinyirishdancer
Katarina’s Olympic long program to “Where Have All The Flowers Gone?” in 1994. She placed 7th.

Katia Gordeeva & Sergei Grinkov - 1994 Winter Olympics

by tinyirishdancer
Pathetique/Moonlight Sonatas (long program; includes the kiss and cry).

Katarina Witt - 1988 Olympics - Long Program

by tinyirishdancer
Katarina's long program at the 1988 Olympics to "Carmen" which won her a second Olympic gold medal.

1994 Nationals Elaine Zayak SP

by tinyirishdancer
Watch Elaine Zayak's short program at the 1994 US Nationals.

Sarah Hughes - Salt Lake Olympics LP

by tinyirishdancer
sarah hughes' gold medal winning performance at the 2002 olympics. sandra bezic has an orgasm.

Shizuka Arakawa in 'The Story of Great Mothers' part 3

by tinyirishdancer
This is the third out of THREE of the video. Due to the length of it (about 19 min long), YouTube rejected the video, so I split it up into three parts. Documentary of Shizuka Arakawa which features her parents, past competitions, and off ice life up until 2004 Worlds. I can't understand what they're saying since it's all in Japanese but anytime I get to hear Shizuka speak is always a good day for me! Will love it if someone can do a full summary of what is being said.

1994 Olympic Games Information about Oksana's Collision

by tinyirishdancer
Watch this piece on Oksana Baiul's collision with Tanja Szewczenko the day before the women's long program at the 1994 Olympic Games.

Carol Heiss - 1959 US Nationals

by tinyirishdancer
Her program from 1959 US Nationals. She won the event.

Todd Eldredge 2001 Worlds Long Program

by tinyirishdancer
Todd’s brilliant long program at the 2001 World Championships. He finished 3rd.

Meno & Sand - 1995 US Nationals LP - Nessun Dorma

by tinyirishdancer
Their "Nessun Dorma" -LP from 1995 US Nationals. They came in 1st.

Happy Anniversary

by tinyirishdancer
2006 marks Kurt Browning's 10th wedding anniversary with his wife Sonia. This is a small video montage in their honor.

Shizuka Arakawa skates with her dog!

by tinyirishdancer
BRAND NEW PAIRS TEAM STRAIGHT FROM JAPAN! Cute video of Shizuka Arakawa skating with her dog.

1994 European Championships Oksana Baiul

by tinyirishdancer
Watch Oksana perform at the 1994 European Championships.

Torvill and Dean

by tinyirishdancer
Torvill and Dean’s history-making performance at the Olympics to Ravel’s “Bolero”.

1990 World Championships Midori Ito

by tinyirishdancer
Watch Midori Ito perform at the 1990 World Championships.

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