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May 2006

Americans fight back against illegals influx

by jasontromm
With the federal government having a perceived do-nothing attitude to stop the ongoing invasion of illegal aliens into the U.S., fed-up Americans are logging on to the Internet to fight their own battle. A number of websites have popped up in recent days to not only help authorities identify and locate the unlawful workers, but also expose the employers who provide them jobs and help consumers patronize businesses that hire only legal citizens.

Teenage girl fights off attacker

by jasontromm (via)
A 14-year-old is being credited with fighting off her attacker. Brittney Richardson says she was grabbed by a man last Friday night on 93rd Avenue in Westminster, after walking home from the grocery store. But her attacker quickly learned that Brittney isn't your typical teenager. She has a brown belt in Karate, and she used the skills she's learned during two years of classes.

March 2006

February 2006

Muay Thai Council

by inspiration
Muay Thai site

December 2005

September 2005

let's (google) fight!

by ryanne
[friday, 03 december 2004] DGS vs HYS 1 630 000 : 285 000 The winner is: DGS! to be hardworking vs to be lazy 2 520 000 : 7 860 000 The winner is: to be lazy!

April 2005

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