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October 2006

Tech Head Stories

by jlesage
big list of links for many aspects of digital storytelling; regularly updated

The Hero's Three-Part Journey

by jlesage
different versions of this mythological structure, often used by screenwriters; somewhat male-oriented

INFlow's Sceenplay Repository

by jlesage & 1 other
many good screenplays, organized mostly by director

Literary Resources on the Net (Lynch)

by jlesage
updated 2006. Topics include historical periods for British and U.S. Literature, Theatre and Drama, Theory, Women's Literature & Feminism, Ethnicities & Nationalities, Hypertext

| The John Cassavetes Pages |

by jlesage
attractively designed web site hosted by scholar Ray Carney

Marie-Laure Ryan

by jlesage
homepage of scholar with many of her essays on narrative theory and electronic textuality available in full text form.

September 2006

Bonk Museum

by Aspo (via)
Bonk Business Inc. simulates a century-old company in every detail, blurring the line between art and business, and between fact and fiction...


by jlesage & 1 other
hypertext novel about a girl on trial for arson, theft, and murder.

Nick Montfort's Computer and Information Science Work

by parmentierf

Transformer l’or en kryptonite - Empyrée

by parmentierf
Y aurait-il quelque part un élément encore plus stable que le plomb, mais qui n’existerait pas sur Terre ? Amusant à noter : cet élément « super-stable » est situé sous le plutonium (matériau extraordinairement radioactif) dans la table de Mendeleïev ; c’est pour cela qu’une ancienne convention de nommage le nomme eka-plutonium (qui a quand même plus de gueule que le nom latin d’unbihexium). Et puisqu’on en est dans les noms qui en jette, voilà encore mieux : kryptonite. Eh ! oui, 126 (sur les 137 qu’autorise la théorie) est le numéro atomique donné au fléau de Superman.

August 2006

July 2006

Agency Delta

by chantal
Novel by Blake Schwendiman

The Drama Surgeon

by jlesage
screenwriter's blog with sensible ideas about film narrative

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