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MSDN: SQL Server

by soul1383
The latest information from the Microsoft SQL Server Developer Center.


OPML Sampling: Build a Page Showing the “Best” Item From Each RSS Feed-- The Glass is Too Big - J Wynia

by sunny & 3 others
Script qui prends ton opml de fils rss et qui te fais une liste des meilleurs articles d'après leur nombre de liens qui pointent vers eux. Pfiou.


Home: Free RSS to JavaScript Service - Free RSS/RDF to JavaScript Conversion Tool for Webmasters

by svartling & 15 others (via) was designed to easily convert any valid RSS, RDF or ATOM feed into easy to implement Javascript. No XML or programming expierence is necessary. Use our 100% free tool to easily insert dynamically updated RSS, RDF and ATOM feeds into any web page, blog or content management system. RSS feed creation facility: Simple, quick and easy for you to make YOUR RSS feed.

by svartling & 14 others (via)
Are you unable to create your own RSS feeds? Would you like to create RSS feeds without ANY programming or technical knowledge at all? FeedFire will take virtually any web page and convert it, and its content, into a fully formed and fully coded RSS feed. FeedFire is a sophisticated solution that is really simple to use. It is powerful, automated and customisable. You can easily turn ANY page into a RSS feed, without programming. You can also search our large database of channels, which are conveniently categorised for you.

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