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January 2007

Fearless Floating Gator Sculpture

by mayble86
Fearless Floating Gator Sculpture - provide diagrams and instructions for vienna Sneeze is fearless . In Reply to:

January 2006

Fearless Gene

by YukuanMark
Scientists have found a gene that may control whether or not someone is a risk taker. As this ScienCentral News video explains, the gene controls development of a specific part of your brain.

Bluescreen: 20060124:李連杰情仇 

by jackysee (via)
Quote 上 Quote: ...從《少林寺》以後,我每一部電影都要打著繃帶拍戲,每一部戲都要咬著牙去做,但是那個時候對商業來講,要保密,不能講出來,電影公司不講這件事,怕媒體知道,怕觀眾知道對我失去信心,廿多年,我一直就是這樣拍下來的。

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