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January 2009

Official Google Blog: Google's new favicon

by srcmax (via)
Back in June, we rolled out a new favicon — the small icon that greets you when you access Google on your URL bar or your bookmarks list — and we encouraged our users to submit their ideas for this important piece of Google branding. We were impressed by the volume of submissions we received, and today we are happy to introduce a new Google favicon inspired by those submissions by our users. While the final icon is a reinterpretation of one contest submission, it draws on design elements and ideas from many of them.

June 2008

Submit your Google favicon idea

by kooolman
"Thanks for your interest in sharing your ideas for the Google favicon. Obviously, we can't promise that we'll use your work, but we really appreciate your taking the time to bring your own ideas to life and share them with us. Note: We'll accept entries only through this form until June 20, 2008. You must be of a legal age to form a binding contract to participate."

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