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Regal Pro - 2012 | Online exhibition work | red dot design award

by sbrothier
»This elegant typeface represents a highly successful solution to the task. Implemented to simultaneously support the Latin, Cyrillic and Greek alphabet, it not only exudes a modern and charming female appearance, but also surprises with an enormous variety of weights and glyphs.«

Hugo Hoppmann — Grace Jones Typeface

by sbrothier
A headline typeface in two styles; round and square, based on the androgyny of Grace Jones. It has been widely used by different designers including Bureau Mirko Borsche where I designed the first issue of Super Paper. The fonts will be available for download soon. You can subscribe to the Newsletter (at the bottom) to stay updated. Supervised by Ian Party


eye | feature : Fashion’s obsessions are mirrored in its typography, From Vogue’s femme serifs to butch Chanel and the hybrid YSL logo

by sbrothier
As late as 1955, Vogue covers vacillated between serif and sans serif typefaces, as well as script faces and illustrative, photographic letters. It was after 1955 that the magazine appears to have legislated a consistent use of the all-capitals banner headline set in Didone lettering. Apart from minor details, it has remained absolutely fixed since then, the trade-dress of a powerful international franchise.

Frieze Magazine | Archive | New Faces

by sbrothier (via)
It only takes a glance at the cover of any recent Paris Vogue to see that something odd is afoot. There’s the hair for a start. Veering between the lank and the bushy, it never quite achieves the luxuriant waves that are the norm. All around are quirky touches: idiosyncratic typefaces, hand-drawn motifs and even collage. This may not sound like much, but in the context of fashion magazines Paris Vogue is doing more than bucking a trend; it is attempting to shrug off a genre.


Artefacture: high concept sublime form™

by sbrothier & 2 others
Armed with an eccentric perspective and a pocket-full of passion, Artefacture creates über-cool tees and aesthetic intrigue. Artefacture is a part of the global culture that celebrates human potential and creativity as expressed by art, design, music, fashion and sport.

T-Shirt | Wire

by sbrothier
The Refugee Council approached Wire to help them create a major publicity campaign to attract new members. As the UK's largest charitable organisation working with asylum seekers and refugees, The Refugee Council wanted to combat the lies and myths perpetuated by the media.


::MEAN NORTH::+4522538540

by azusa & 1 other

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