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by pionsat
ShareYourLook is an online community for fashion addicts, trendsetters, shoppers, and designers from around the world to share looks and ideas about personal style. See how people in Tokyo, Stockholm, or Idaho are putting their own spin on the latest trends. Discover what men and women in London and New York are coveting this season. Best of all, discover how other people’s style can influence your look. ShareYourLook is designed to inspire and inform, so we encourage helpful comments and thoughtful critiques. Now go ahead, post your looks and let the world see your style!

Ethical Fashion - A trend worth following

by stylemarkus
New Fashion collections and apparel brands that guarantee workers' rights and are environmentally friendly are now in high demand. Look good and be responsible, who knew the two could coexist.

urbn forage

by slogoo
urbnforage,是时装设计师, 商店和顾客的桥梁,帮助设计师推广和找到买家,了解顾客需求. 传统时装设计师要推出的时装,很难把握市场趋势,也有大量的服装创意无法推向市场,这种模式将启动一个长

Genterist - Male Fashion

by genterist
Genterist - male fashion is the center of quality posts about how to dress nicely, manly, sexy and elegant. JUST for MEN

Genterist - Underwear

by genterist
Genterist - Underwear is the place where you find latest post on sexiest underwear.

Genterist - Fashion Alert

by genterist
Genterist Fashion will give you alerts on letest fashion trends and fabulous fashion work.


Tokyo Street Style - Japan Fashion Association

by Sheino & 4 others
Weekly photographic updates of what is happening on Japan's leading fashion streets.

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