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15 July 2006

traveller : Spn : Vespers : fic

by Olivia
Rituale Romanum part four. Sam/Dean. Beautiful.

traveller : Spn : Little Pink Houses For You And Me : fic

by Olivia
Beautiful. Pretty much the definitive Sam/Dean story, right here.

traveller : Spn : Chartreuse : fic

by Olivia
Sam/Dean. Really beautiful. I love this villanelle-esque structure. I've been trying to find a way to use it, myself, actually, but kinda pointless now, as I could never do it as well as this. And tornadoes.. great mind thinks alike, I guess. Nice.

traveller : Spn : leaving louisiana in the broad daylight : fic

by Olivia
Dean-centric het. Oblique Sam/Dean. Wonderful. Perfect. Everything I wish I'd written. She sees and feels her imagery and stories and ideas in a way that feels very familiar to me. She uses words in ways I grasp at, but can't catch. Excellent.

traveller : Spn : The Beekeeper's Daughter : fic

by Olivia
Really beautiful short story, full of intense and precise imagery. Such control and finesse. Professional-level fiction. Awesome.

lyra-wing : Spn : Lessons Learned - 4/5 : fic

by Olivia
Sam/Dean. Not as strong as the other sections, but enjoyable.

14 July 2006

flipmontigirl : Spn : man awoke being dragged across the grass : fic

by Olivia
Sam/Dean. Dean visits Sam at Stanford. Sweetly erotic, but underneath is all the pain and fear, anger and longing of one perfect soul, severed, unable to find its way home.

13 July 2006

ellipsisblack : Spn : All That Stands Between Us : fic

by Olivia
Dean/John, Sam/Dean UST. A little wobbly, but interesting. Dean is a locked cryptex, and Sam wants the combination. Daddycest. Brocest. Voyeurism.

merepersiflage : Spn : Stranded at the Drive-in - 3/3 : fic

by Olivia
Ouch. This could have used some proofreading. Uneven. But there are some nice crests, here, if you have the patience for the troughs. And I do like the more realistic portrayal of anal sex -- it's sexy, but in a different way from idealized sex.

merepersiflage : Spn : Stranded at the Drive-in - 1/3 : fic

by Olivia
Sam/Dean. Tasty little bites of angst inbetween the porny fun. Has its problems, but I still enjoyed it. Flashbacks to Stanford, references to Sam being sixteen when they first started. Accurate descriptions of cocksucking and male anatomy! :)

gravi-girl123 : Spn : Who Am I? : fic

by Olivia
Sam/Dean. Dean is nothing without his brother. An interesting look at a psychologically broken Dean. I like this dysfunctional, yet tender intimacy between them. Astute characterization, although the execution wobbles just slightly, here and there.

12 July 2006

lyra-wing : Spn : Lessons Learned - 1/5 : fic

by Olivia
It's 2012, and Michael is now 18, and looking for help. Fun! Eventual Sam/Dean, but this section is gen.