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August 2006

basingstoke : Spn/AtS : 1967 Plymouth GTX Convertible, Black : fic

by Olivia
Angel/Supernatural crossover. Dean/Gunn. Very good. Funny, and seemingly light, but with these nice dark, serious undercurrents. Little moments of Wow.

June 2006

Go Team C/A

by nackereia
Angel/Cordelia fanfiction.


by nackereia
Starlet2367's fanfiction website for Cordelia/Angel. Again, mostly NC-17 and rated R fanfiction.

Darkness and Daylight

by nackereia
Lysa's Personal Cangel Website. Contains mostly NC-17 and rated R fanfiction

Nothing Fancy, Just Fic

by nackereia
Cangel fanfiction. Alot of it is either rated R or NC-17.

May 2006

ethrosdemon : SPN : Redemption is A Four Letter Word : fic

by Olivia
I always did love Lindsey. Dean + Lindsey is love more than you can know. Light, funny, charming. Hotcakes.

March 2006

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