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16 October 2006

02 October 2006


by Ithil
Blog contando la historia del Dr Eleder , un profesor Universitario Numenoriano en una hipotética Arda del futuro

16 September 2006

jack-the-girl : BoB : Untitled #2 : fic

by Olivia
Winters/Nix. Beautiful, stylistic, without being heavy-handed.

15 September 2006

spike21 : XF : Inca Gold : fic

by Olivia
Krycek/Mulder. Surreal, OOC crack. Kink : desperation, pissing, etc. Flawed, but lovable.

spike21 : XF : Learning To Love The Hawk - Part II - Gone One Knows Not Where - 2/X : fic

by Olivia
Krycek/omcs. Second part of an unfinished WIP. Bad and good, in equal measure. Vivid and visceral. I really like it.

spike21 : XF : Learning To Love The Hawk - Part I - Through The Red Doors 1/X : fic

by Olivia
Krycek/omcs. Flawed, but enjoyable. This is the kind of fanfiction I "grew up" on -- strange and personal, with roots in female erotica (as opposed to visual male pornography.) Wincingly bad in some parts, stunningly beautiful in others. Unfinished WIP

14 September 2006

gekizetsu : Spn : Sometimes The Weapon Chooses You : fic

by Olivia
Second piece, after Name Three Kids. Salvation AU. Future fic. Sam's daughter Mary, and weapons training.

12 September 2006

traveller : Spn : Water From The Well : fic

by Olivia
Post DT fic. Interesting original characters.

mayatawi : Spn : Balance of Power 1/X : fic

by Olivia
WIP. Age regression. Dean wakes up sixteen. I have some very minor nitpicks, but it's still a very fun read.

nymeria : CWRPS : wilted and faded somewhere in hollywood (have you ever felt so used up as this?) : fic

by Olivia
RPS. Jensen. I was charmed by the theme, by the way she presented the situation. Well-written, and not a PWP -- a thing I don't usually see in RPS. Apologies to Jensen and Jensen's mama.

11 September 2006

gekizetsu : Spn : Happy Ending : fic

by Olivia
Salvation AU. Clan Winchester. Domestic fuzzies.

gekizetsu : Spn : Once A Week, But For The Rest Of Your Life : fic

by Olivia
Salvation AU. Dean's daughter Charlie at two years old. Domestic and quiet and wonderful. Refreshing to read an author who's not afraid to love her characters.

gekizetsu : Spn : Morning Came In The Meantime : fic

by Olivia
Salvation AU. Sam+Sarah=Allie. HappyFic. Tender Dean. Babies and domesticity and warm fuzzies.

03 September 2006

onelittlesleep : Spn : Five Scenes In A Bathroom : fic

by Olivia
Sam/Dean. Dean/OCs. Five times fic, Dean and blowjobs. It's not just erotic; it's also hard, and it's broken, and it's beautiful. Excellent dialogue, feel for her characters. Precision and truth, and some goddamn hot dirty sex.

02 September 2006

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