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September 2006

YouTube偷袭Facebook:先开放还是先封闭 | 聊网斋

by jackiege

August 2006

Adsense类广告成为SNS的主要盈利方式 - 聊网斋

by jackiege

June 2006


by nackereia & 31 others
Look up your classmates and coworkers on this website.

May 2006

BathTubYoga - MySpace vs. Facebook (Or, Why Facebook Needs Artist Pages) - posted Feb. 1, 2006 @ 10:11 AM by Mark

by vista (via)
When it comes to social life on the Internet there are two websites that matter: Facebook, with it's 6 million (11 million?) members, and MySpace with its 47 million. Friendster is old news and TagWorld doesn't matter. Which is better? For college students graduating this spring -- should you stick with Facebook or switch to MySpace? For high-school students -- should you switch to the new Facebook highschool-edition, or stick with MySpace? For two websites that essentially do the same thing, it seems like a real comparison is in order.

January 2006

December 2005

Facebook | Welcome to the Facebook!

by kalley & 31 others
美国当今最热的校园内封闭式的交友网站 流量近乎疯狂 超过85%的美国大学学生在使用 70%的学生天天在线 有人认为这个站点的作用甚至比黄色站点更差: 网站内充斥着性和酗酒. 学生本应该学习, 然而这个网站起了一个不好的作用. 随着该网站的持续升温, 在美国校园内, 谈性和酗酒似乎成了一件挺酷的事情