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March 2007

November 2006 - la communauté des étudiants

by cyberien (via) est un site communautaire récent qui a pour ambition de rassembler tous les étudiants francophones. Chaque bahut a son propre espace avec News, Forums, Chat, Sondages, Dédicaces et Livre d'Or.

first look at - linking myspace and facebook (part 1)

by newbnetuser is one of the newest web 2.0 startups which promises to aggregate all social networks starting with myspace and facebook as well as add additional meta-features not built into those sites... if it works, it will be huge - if it doesn't, it will die quickly...

October 2006

September 2006

The Cavalier Daily

by 3sixtygroup
Facebook's poke at privacy

Facebook | Welcome to Facebook!

by 3sixtygroup & 31 others
Facebook is an online directory that connects people through social networks.