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10 August 2007

09 August 2007

Who Is Cloning Who? Business2.0, try again

by nhoizey
[...] a list of clones per country of 4 star Web2.0 companies: Digg, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn. There is just one problem, the information is pretty much inaccurate and even wrong. Let’s take France for example.

07 August 2007

06 August 2007

03 August 2007

31 July 2007

5 Money Making Opportunities on Facebook

by lukeslytalker
With the release of its new platform, Facebook’s recent endeavor in social media presents a unique opportunity for marketers, developers and businesses to tap into the social network’s young, active, and viral crowd.

6 Ways to Market on Facebook » The Bivings Report

by lukeslytalker
From a promotion point of view, the Facebook news feed is a great channel for others to advertise a person’s or organization’s cause. As Facebook denizens interact with such entities, the news feed can broadcast such action to their friends...

Serendipity Book: Mashup Marketing on Facebook

by lukeslytalker
Facebook is an innately viral platform…For me this is part of a bigger picture — I believe marketers need to need to abandon their highly controlled microsite environments and embrace what I call “Mashup Marketing” - fusing together content and se

The Top 5 Viral Facebook Techniques - The Unofficial Facebook Blog

by lukeslytalker
The dynamic of Facebook application marketing is rapidly changing. What once was an environment in which your application was practically guaranteed to go viral has shifted to one in which you need to come up with creative ways of marketing your applic...

24 July 2007

22 July 2007

20 July 2007

18 July 2007

15 July 2007

12 July 2007

11 July 2007

Interesource Blogs: Tracy Godding: July 2007: Facebook captcha

by tgodding
I have a work colleague and friend who sometimes acts as a consultant with Interesource, she is blind, and this week I received a Facebook friend request from her. I was overjoyed and thought 'great she's got in here', knowing how inaccessible Facebook is. The main access obstacle is the use of CAPTCHA for registration and other important features, such as adding a friend.

10 July 2007

Facebook is the new AOL (

by CharlesNepote & 1 other
"As it happens, we already have a platform on which anyone can communicate and collaborate with anyone else, individuals and companies can develop applications which can interoperate with one another through open and freely available tools, protocols, and interfaces. It's called the internet and it's more compelling than AOL was in 1994 and Facebook in 2007."