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26 October 2007

25 October 2007

24 October 2007

23 October 2007

22 October 2007

Un logiciel de notification pour Facebook

by Giraultises (via)
Gamaroff est un petit logiciel qui vous permettra d'être toujours à jours dans votre réseau Facebook. Gamaroffous pourrez bien sur le configurer pour être avertis des nouvelles invitations (friend, event, group), des messages ou autres informations partagées. En bref le notifier ultime pour les accros de Facebook.


by xenomorph
Facebook App Creator for Bloggers

TouchGraph | Products: Google Browser

by ycc2106 & 33 others
View connectivity between websites as reported by Google's database of related sites in an interactive network diagram.

21 October 2007

Enemybook Home

by CharlesNepote (via)
Enemybook is an antisocial utility that disconnects you to the so-called friends around you. Enemybook is a Facebook app that allows you to manage your enemies as well as your friends. With Enemybook you can add people as facebook enemies, specify why they are your enemies, notify your enemies, see who lists you as an enemy, and even become friends with the enemies of your enemies. Ever wanted to "enemy" somebody instead of friend them? Finally you can. This app remedies the one-sided perspective of Facebook. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer...


by ycc2106
Gmail, Yahoo!, Facebook...Fuser is the coolest way to unify your mail from multiple accounts. View your mail and social networking messages in one convenient location. It's easy and secure.

20 October 2007

Social Networking

by bloggingtalker (via)
Everything you should know about social networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook and Friendster. Protect your children online.

18 October 2007

16 October 2007

FSB Software

by benoit

Facebook contacted me and requested that I stop distribution of FacebookSync since it is in violation of Facebook's Terms of Use. Sorry to all out there who will miss this useful application.

FacebookSync 2.1 released, now functionality has been severely limited to comply with Facebook's Terms of Use (only uses Facebook Platform to communicate with Facebook)

facebook sucks

News from hatebook's aspirations of world domination — hatebook

by elo12 & 2 others
Hatebook is an anti-social utility that connects you with the people YOU HATE.

12 October 2007

10 October 2007