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February 2014

KillSwitch App - Making breakups suck less

by gregg
Make breakups suck less by seamlessly removing traces of your ex from your Facebook profile. This app combs through your profile and discreetly removes Pictures, Videos, Wall Posts and Status Updates tagged with your ex. Just in case, all deleted pictures are placed in a hidden album on your Facebook profile (and you can laugh at them later).

Facebook s’offre WhatsApp pour 19 milliards de dollars, Actualités

by bouilloire

« WhatsApp est un produit d’extrêmement haute qualité, un réseau de communication très important »

Je la trouve plutôt mal codée sur Windows Phone pourtant. Pour 19 milliards, j'attends quand même vachement mieux qu'une batterie qui se vide en quelques heures d'utilisation.

A l’heure actuelle, il en gagne un million de plus chaque jour. La barre du milliard pourrait donc être passée d’ici moins de deux ans.

C'est beau de se projeter deux ans dans le futur comme ça. Surtout dans ce domaine où il suffit qu'un concurrent plus efficace arrive sur le marché. Allez, Mark, il faut y croire. Tu as déjà les oreilles qui sifflent de toute façon.

danah boyd | apophenia » Social Steganography: Learning to Hide in Plain Sight

by sbrothier
Carmen and her mother are close. As far as Carmen’s concerned, she has nothing to hide from her mother so she’s happy to have her mom as her ‘friend’ on Facebook. Of course, Carmen’s mom doesn’t always understand the social protocols on Facebook and Carmen sometimes gets frustrated. She hates that her mom comments on nearly every post, because it “scares everyone away…Everyone kind of disappears after the mom post…It’s just uncool having your mom all over your wall. That’s just lame.” Still, she knows that her mom means well and she sometimes uses this pattern to her advantage. While Carmen welcomes her mother’s presence, she also knows her mother overreacts. In order to avoid a freak out, Carmen will avoid posting things that have a high likelihood of mother misinterpretation. This can make communication tricky at times and Carmen must work to write in ways that are interpreted differently by different people.

January 2014

▶ The Problem With Facebook - YouTube

by gregg
Facebook is a complex ecosystem of individuals, creators, brands and advertisers, but I don't think it serves any of these groups particularly well because its top priority is to make money. Now, I don't think making money is a bad thing, in fact I hope to make some myself. The problem is the only way Facebook has found to make money is by treating all entities on the site as advertisers and charging them to share their content.

December 2013

What You Look Like to a Social Network

by sbrothier
This infographic allows you to explore the categories of information that various social networks make available to other applications. If you log in to a Web site with your Twitter account, this is what Twitter sends about you to the site. If you play Farmville on Facebook, this is what is sent to Farmville. Those applications, in turn, often give data about your activities back to the social network. These exchanges of information take place through what’s known as an application programming interface, or an A.P.I. Read more here. (To use the infographic, click to zoom in and see specific fields; click on the black bar to zoom back out.)

November 2013

PageYourself: Optimisez votre page facebook avec un site intégré

by lang
Créer un site web sur Facebook c'est possible ! Le f-Site est un tout nouveau standart de site web parfaitement intégré sur FB

Facebook à la chasse aux souris - Libération

by bouilloire

et surtout sur quelles pubs ils cliquent, lesquelles ils font rageusement disparaître de la colonne de droite... pour améliorer l'efficacité du ciblage publicitaire.

Quelles pubs dans la colonne de droite ?

Silence the Shadows | I

by gregg & 1 other
Scary personalized live action and 3D audio Facebook Connect experience created by Luxurious Animals. The experience is reminscent of Take This Lollipop, whereby it is short and sweet and most personalized if you use Facebook Connect. The user can also subtlely control panning of the video. Another unique aspect of this project is the 3-D audio soundscape (make sure to use headphones if you want to experience it).

October 2013

TRAÎTRISE – La sœur de Mark Zuckerberg s’élève contre l’addiction aux réseaux sociaux | Big Browser

by sbrothier
Cette année, le repas de Thanksgiving risque d'être tendu chez les Zuckerberg. Directrice marketing de Facebook jusqu'en 2011 et désormais entrepreneuse indépendante, Randi Zuckerberg, la sœur de Mark, publie un livre pour enfants (à paraître le 5 novembre) qui explique les dangers de l'abus d'utilisation d'Internet et critique l'addiction aux réseaux sociaux, relate le New York Magazine.

Realistic Facebook Privacy Simulator - by UsVsTh3m

by gregg
w long can you hold out? You'll see a short list of privacy questions and a ticking timer. Good luck.

September 2013