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March 2008

Réseaux sociaux : des audiences différentes selon les continents

by pac-recrutement & 1 other
A chaque continent ses préférences... Les sites de réseaux sociaux les plus fréquentés... par pays, par continent.

October 2007

Social Networking

by bloggingtalker (via)
Everything you should know about social networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook and Friendster. Protect your children online.

April 2007 - All-in-one Social Networking

by skytide2
Put Myspace, Friendster, Youtube, Facebook, Flickr, and more into one easy to manage profile. Everything is loaded and shown inside one page.

October 2006

May 2006

BathTubYoga - MySpace vs. Facebook (Or, Why Facebook Needs Artist Pages) - posted Feb. 1, 2006 @ 10:11 AM by Mark

by vista (via)
When it comes to social life on the Internet there are two websites that matter: Facebook, with it's 6 million (11 million?) members, and MySpace with its 47 million. Friendster is old news and TagWorld doesn't matter. Which is better? For college students graduating this spring -- should you stick with Facebook or switch to MySpace? For high-school students -- should you switch to the new Facebook highschool-edition, or stick with MySpace? For two websites that essentially do the same thing, it seems like a real comparison is in order.

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