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Retinografia - O que é Retinografia - | Lotten Eyes

by tadeufilippini (via)
O que é Retinografia A Retinografia é um exame de imagem que fotografa as áreas do fundo do olho, como a retina, a coróide, o nervo óptico e os vasos sanguíneos. Os métodos para a realização deste exame de visão são: • Retinografia Colorida (simples): consiste na fotografia do fundo do olho. O exame permite a documentação de alterações na retina e no nervo óptico, fundamental no acompanhamento de doenças progressivas. • Retinografia Fluorescente ou Angiofluoresceinografia: analisa a retina, a coróide e os vasos sanguíneos através de fotos obtidas com uma iluminação especial e com uso de filtros. O exame utiliza um contraste chamado fluoresceína que permite o estudo de camadas diferentes dessas estruturas do fundo do olho. É utilizado para o acompanhamento e diagnóstico de doenças como a retinopatia diabética, degeneração macular, oclusões vasculares da retina, entre outras.



The eyeballing game

by ycc2106
Test your eyeballing capacity

Eyes Lips Face : ELF

by sushi
un produit = un euro produits de maquillage, de camouflage du teint, pinceaux, brosses, etc..


Do You Have Emotional Tears??

by Jaks
No mammal, apart from humans, sheds emotional tears, although most animals can produce tears when suffering pain.

How Do Tears Lubricate The Eyes?

by Jaks
The primary purpose of tears is to clean and lubricate the eyes. Tears are secreted from the lacrimal glands through ducts to the surface of the eyes between the eyeball and the lid.


Wrinkles Around Eyes

by bl5189e0
Information on wrinkles around eyes.


Get the WOW Factor with Eyes That Have Allure | For Your Eyes Only

by Jaks
Sexy eyes are a magnet to getting noticed and remembered. Think of the man in your life gazing into your eyes over a glass of champagne with romantic music playing softly in the background and the lights turned down low.

Toy Safety Checklist

by likebike (via)
Use recommended age labelling as a guide Look for warnings or other safety messages on toy packaging Buy only toys suitable for the child's age group Avoid toys with sharp points or edges Check rigid eyes and noses on soft toys; make sure they cannot be pulled off Examine wheels on toy cars to make sure they are secure Make sure small parts of larger toys cannot break off AFTER BUYING Look for warnings or other safety messages on toy packaging Read carefully all instructions included in and on the toy packaging Throw away all toy packaging such as plastic, cellophane and styrofoam Teach your child the proper use of toys. For example, darts and arrows should not be pointed at anyone Throw away broken toys that cannot be fixed Make sure that batteries in toys are properly installed Do not allow a child to sleep with a battery-operated toy Supervise children playing with balloons Throw away pieces of broken balloons Remove toys and mobiles strung across cribs and playpens when baby begins to push up with hands and knees Make sure that large toy boxes have good ventilation and that the lid is lightweight and well supported Teach children to put their toys away Examine toys regularly for signs of wear and tear

3D iMac follows your Mouse

by drunkenmaster
Cute 3D rendered iMac follows the mouse around the desktop. Very nice easter egg inside! Freeware.

Tea Bag For Your Eyes

by dave76
Retrieve the best on tea bag for your eyes


happy 2005

by ryanne
[saturday, 01 january 2005] she *blinks* her eyes whenever you say the 2 magic words: "beautiful eyes"!

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