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pMachine | Indiv. entry--display parent category name only

by jinjiru
I have a single entry page. Within that page, I want to display the name of the category that the single entry post is associated with. I have this in the {exp:weblog:entries} tag: <h1>{categories}{category_name}{/categories}</h2> Works just peachy...unless the entry is auto-assigned to both parent and sub category. I only want to display the parent category name. How would I do this?

Alphabetical Navigation - ExpressionEngine Wiki

by jinjiru
Creating an alphabetical navigation links based on the entries' titles

LivePreview - ExpressionEngine Wiki

by jinjiru
Live Preview is pretty easy to add to EE. This is how. The code, unless otherwise noted, goes into whatever template(s) you use to show comments.


EE Links

by jinjiru
This site contains links relating to ExpressionEngine. They are mostly links to threads on the pMachine forums.


by jinjiru
Want a professional-looking glossary to add to your site? Probably of little relevance to webloggers but useful if you are using Expression Engine as the basis of your content management system, say to manage your company%u2019s public or private website

So Very Posh - Ads Between Entries

by jinjiru
Surprisingly (to me at least) I get a lot of questions about how I insert Google Ads between my blog posts. I started doing it with Movable Type, so this method can probably be applied to just about any blog format allowing PHP and also can be applied to

psychodaisy x: souls polished... 1 served.

by jinjiru
Jennifer put together this awesome tutorial on how to show and hide the extended portion of an entry for MT. So I took that and adapted that to EE. It was not as bad as I thought.

ExpressionEngine HowTo: Expression Engine

by jinjiru
HowTo: Add an Add New Entry Link to Your Pages

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