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JAVASCRIPT - jsunpack - a generic JavaScript unpacker

by decembre
The Extracted URLs lists, (2 files) for instance, indicates how many decodings or other files were created when trying to decode JavaScript. If this column shows (1 files) it means that there were no decodings and that a static scanner would be just as effective at detecting content. However, if there are more than one file, a decoding likely occurred, and jsunpack can match against additional content. A malicious URL with only (1 files) is less likely to be malicious because attackers commonly hide their content when delivering exploits or other malicious content. The Extracted URLs displays files grouped by URL, so the originally file that triggered the rule and all of the other files are all connected to another. It is more common that the attacker will try to hide content and create 2 or more decodings. Jsunpack was originally designed to handle complicated cases of decoding where there were 5 stages of decoding, although such cases are rare, generally the more decoding levels (and therefore files), the more likely the attacker is trying to hide something of value. Thanks for using jsunpack!


Exploits Database by Offensive Security

by srcmax
The Exploit Database (EDB) – an ultimate archive of exploits and vulnerable software. A great resource for penetration testers, vulnerability researchers, and security addicts alike. Our aim is to collect exploits from submittals and mailing lists and concentrate them in one, easy to navigate database.


Testez la sécurité de votre routeur

by Giraultises (via)
Routerpwn est un site qui rassemble quelques dizaines d'exploits de différents fabricants de routeurs. A l'aide de l'adresse IP ou Mac, vous pourrez obtenir la clé WEP, le mot de passe par défaut, désactiver le Wifi, ... Cela bien sûr pour pouvoir tester la sécurité du votre, pas celui du voisin ;-)




Hacking Pligg 9.5 beta - Exploit - Life, Hacks, and Internet

by srcmax
Pligg Forum members have been notified about it via e-mail this morning. Most Pligg webmasters have’t signed up for the forum :(. All Pligg websites I tried were vulnerable to this exploit. There is no commercial value for me, so don’t worry, administrators have been notified that it’s time to patch.


The Metasploit Project

by jmgautier & 1 other
This is the Metasploit Project. The goal is to provide useful information to people who perform penetration testing, IDS signature development, and exploit research. This site was created to fill the gaps in the information publicly available on various exploitation techniques and to create a useful resource for exploit developers. The tools and information on this site are provided for legal security research and testing purposes only.

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