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The Man in Blue > Distilling fine web design since 1863

by jdrsantos
The Man in Blue is the alter ego of Cameron Adams, a Web Technologist in Melbourne, Australia. (That means he does graphic design, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, writing, server-side jiggery pokery, and anything else that takes his fancy that day.)


Javascript Closures

by Riduidel & 1 other
The use of closures in Javascript

WebFX - What you never thought possible!

by Riduidel & 11 others
On this page you'll be able to find Dynamic HTML samples that you can use on your own pages, all the samples may be used freely for personal use or you may change the source code for your own applications.

Your Heading Goes Here

by Riduidel
This is a collection of JScript files that I've accumulated over the past couple of years. Most of these are demonstrations or experiments to see what can be done in JScript. Many of them have useful functions that can be pulled out for use in other pla

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