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Tweetvite :: Find

by ycc2106 & 4 others
Tweetvite makes it easy to create invitations for events you're hosting or to find local Tweetups in your area.


by ycc2106
* Go directly to an event through a custom event URL * Use your existing Twitter account to chat with other attendees during the event * List events that match your keyword interests (coming soon in august) * Find events that match your keywords interests (coming soon) * Link twebevent reminders to your own calendar (coming soon)



Job Search Software - Searching jobs from

by ajonwalker (via)
Job Search Engine. All American Jobs - Job Search Software. Searching jobs from your desktop. Automatically sends resume.

Event jobs listings

by ajonwalker (via)
Event jobs listings, how to find a event jobs, how to apply and job search tips for event jobs employment.

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