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Apple releases 12 Days of Christmas app for Europe, Canada

by alamat (via)
Apple has launched its 12 Days of Christmas app in preparation for its annual holiday promotion offering free songs, music videos, apps and books to residents of parts of Europe and Canada.



Jurispedia, the shared law. le droit partagé, das gemeinsame Recht, el derecho compatido,

by glebel & 2 others
JurisPedia ist ein aus einer universitären Initiative entstandenes Lexikon-Projekt, das sich den Rechtsordnungen der Welt und der Rechts- und Politikwissenschaften widmet. JurisPedia is an encyclopaedic project of academic initiative devoted to worldwide law, legal and political sciences. The project uses a wikispace to allow disparate contributers to define legal terms and concepts on an international multi-lingual scale. JurisPedia est un projet encyclopédique d’initiative universitaire consacré aux droits du monde et aux sciences juridiques et politiques. urispedia es un proyecto enciclopédico de origen universitario consagrado al Derecho existente en el mundo y a las ciencias jurídicas y políticas.

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